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Country’s merchandise exports decrease 34.6% to Rs 67.30bn in first 5 months of current FY

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KATHMANDU: Nepal’s merchandise exports decreased 34.6% to Rs 67.30 billion in the five months of 2022/23, according to data released by Nepal Rastra Bank. The merchandise exports witnessed an increase of 105.6% in the same period of the previous year. Destination-wise, exports to India and China decreased 43.7% and 35.9% respectively while exports to other countries increased 7.1%. Exports of zinc sheet, particle board, woollen carpets, cardamom, tea, among others, increased while exports of soyabean oil, palm oil, oil cakes, textiles, silverware and jewellery, among others, decreased in the review period. Likewise, merchandise imports decreased 20.7% to Rs 664.75 billion against an increase of 59.5% a year ago. Destination-wise, imports from India, China and other countries decreased 20.0%, 22.6%, and 21.4% respectively. Imports of petroleum products, sponge iron, gold, chemical fertiliser, aircraft spare parts, among others, increased while imports of transport equipment and parts, MS billet, silver, medicine, crude soyabean oil, among others, decreased in the review period. READ ALSO:  
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