Thu, June 13, 2024

NHRC urges govt to take action against environment polluters

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KATHMANDU: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to bring all those involved in polluting the environment under the ambit of the law. Issuing a press statement on Monday on the occasion of World Environment Day, the NHRC urged the government to ensure citizens’ right to a clean environment. Coordinated action by local, provincial and federal governments is necessary for the implementation of constitutional and legal rights related to safe, clean and healthy environment as well as NHRC's past recommendations for the guarantee of rights to clean environment, read the statement. The NHRC has asked the government to lay emphasis on human rights-oriented development system, to formulate effective and meaningful programmes to stop uncontrolled and unscientific exploitation of nature. The NHRC has urged all business communities and private sector to be aware of the negative impacts on the environment while running their industries and enterprises. "Environment pollution has increased due to lack of adoption of the human rights-orientated system in development as well as excessive and unsystematic use of plastic products, excavation of natural resources including pebbles and sand. Not only humans but animals and plants are also being affected by environmental pollution." By RSS READ ALSO:
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