Wed, June 19, 2024

CIM, MMA, CNI Province 1 urge govt to solve power cut problems

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KATHMANDU: Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM), Morang Merchants’ Association (MMA) and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) Province 1 have raised serious concerns over disruption in electricity supply, which is a basic commodity for the operation of industries. The industries which have been affected by unstable and chaotic environments, lax economy and existing problems in the financial sector have reached a dysfunctional state due to 10 to 15 times tripping and reduction in power supply for seven to eight hours daily. With the formation of the new government, the private sector agitating for the solution of existing problems in the banking and financial sector is optimistic that there will be a positive initiative to solve the problem, said the statement jointly issued by CIM, MMA, CNI Province 1. "There is such a situation where it is impossible to predict what will happen, on the other hand, the concerned bodies have not done anything significant in solving such problems," the statement read. The three organisations demanded the government address the problem of power cuts and tripping in the industrial business sector immediately. Further, the private sector's organisations urged the government to prepare a predictable industrial policy and ensure an industry-friendly environment in all sectors of finance or energy. READ ALSO:
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