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BYD conducts ‘Blade Battery Nail Penetration Test’ demo for Nepali journalists

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KATHMANDU: Cimex Inc Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of BYD Auto Industry Co Ltd in Nepal, conducted the demonstration of BYD Blade Battery to highlight the EV safety standards. The test was conducted in Greater Noida, India in the presence of a media delegation from the auto sector of Nepal. The event was jointly hosted by Cimex Inc and BYD India Pvt Ltd. The nail penetration test also considered as the ‘Mount Everest of Battery Testing’ is the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries. BYD’s patented technology Blade Battery is the only battery to pass the Nail Penetration Test successfully.
Nail Penetration on Blade Battery While undergoing nail penetration tests, Blade Battery emits neither smoke nor fire after being penetrated, and its surface temperature only reaches 30 to 60° C.
Nail Penetration on NCM Battery Under the same conditions, a ternary lithium battery mostly exceeds 500° C and violently burns, with the surface temperature reaching dangerous temperatures of 200° C to 400° C. BYD has developed the Blade Battery over the past several years. The singular cells are arranged in an array and inserted into a battery pack. Due to its optimised battery pack structure, the space utilisation of the battery pack is increased by over 50% compared to conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries. The Blade Battery has also passed other extreme test conditions, such as being crushed, bent, heated in a furnace to 300°C and overcharged by 260%. None of these resulted in a fire or explosion Shrirang Joshi, the National Sales Head of Passenger Vehicle Business, BYD India, addressed the media delegation from Nepal and shared about BYD's proven and innovative technology. "EV manufacturers in recent years have been competing for greater cruising range. This leads to an unrealistic focus on "higher energy density" in the battery industry and a neglect of safety. BYD’s Blade Battery aims to bring battery safety back to the forefront, a redirection from the industry’s tenuous focus on this crucial aspect." added TVC Rao, National After-Sales Head, Passenger Vehicle Business, BYD India. READ ALSO:
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