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FNCCI Vice President Sanghai addresses 110th Int’l Labour Conference

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  • Employers' Council Sanghai appeals to world community to work together for common welfare
KATHMANDU: Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Vice President and Chairperson of the Employers' Council Ram Chandra Sanghai, on behalf of Nepal's employers, addressed the 110th session of the International Labour Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday. The conference began on May 27. Addressing the conference, Sanghai said that the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the world economy, labour market and rapid changes in the socio-economic sector have made it difficult for the least developed countries to achieve the goal of century development. He emphasized the need for large and prosperous nations to support smaller nations. Referring to the multidimensional challenges being faced by the world, he thanked the Director-General of the International Labour Organisation for presenting a detailed report at the convention. He mentioned the fact that the whole world is affected by the unrest and instability arising in any part due to the growing interdependence between the nations. The FNCCI Vice President drew attention to the imminent global problem of food and fuel. He also stressed the need for the world to be united in resolving the issue and expressed his concern that small nations are mostly affected by such issues. The Employers' Council chair emphasized that challenges can only be met through stability and mutual assistance, and urged the world community to work together for the common welfare. He emphasized the need to be vigilant as the vaccine has not been able to completely eradicate Covid-19. Vice President Sanghai pointed out the need for health care, social security and workplace improvement to work in the new environment as the working style and work environment have changed a lot in recent times. While efforts are being made to compensate and rehabilitate the victims of the Covid-19, high trade deficit, negative balance of payments, low investment and lack of liquidity have affected Nepali industries and businesses, said Sanghai. During his address, he said the demand for new skilled manpower is increasing due to the changing nature of the labour market. He claimed that there was a need to adjust the working environment and manpower as well as the increasing use of information technology and the work being done through digital medium was changing the working relationship. He told the world community that despite various challenges and problems, Nepal's private sector is heading towards economic growth. He added that they are working on the promotion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), social security, improvement of working environment, prevention of violence and abuse in the workplace and promotion of social dialogue from the centre to the establishment level. Appreciating the role being played by the International Labour Organisation, FNCCI Vice President Sanghai hoped that it would work with the new strategy of the International Labour Organisation and help solve the problems faced by the member countries. READ ALSO:
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