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Khukri Rum to host 'Khukri Friends of Festival' in Pokhara on Feb 15-19

B360 February 8, 2024, 2:05 pm
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KATHMANDU: The Nepal Distilleries' Khukri Rum is set to hold 'Khukri Friends of Festival', a fusion of literature and music, in Pokhara from February 15 to 19. 

Khukri Rum has been a Libation Partner at the Nepal Literature Festival for the past three years, celebrating the power of words.

According to organisers, the festival's motto is: "Words come alive when people do. Read, listen, add, savour." Music and literature are intertwined, both using words to express emotions and connect with others.

A literary festival can feel lacking without music. As an accessible art form, music instantly connects with people. Regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality, or temperament, music has the ability to emotionally move listeners.

Performances at the 'Khukri Friends of Festival' musical sessions will include Kutumba, Prof D Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi and his Group, The Blue Fret Band, and Bipul Chettri & the Travelling Band, according to organisers.

The event aims to promote a community that will organise future events blending music, poetry, and literature. 

Meanwhile, Khukri Rum has urged one and all to join on this journey of literary and musical exploration. 

Passes for the event, curated and managed by EventMx, are available on their website or event page.

The passes are also available at Pokhara Pizza - Pokhara and Kathmandu outlets.



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