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Ncell reintroduces Double Majja Pack, offers double data as bonus

B360 February 9, 2024, 1:07 pm
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KATHMANDU: Ncell customers can now subscribe to Double Majja Packs for enhanced internet surfing. Ncell has reintroduced its Double Majja Pack offer with three options, starting from Rs 150.

In this offer, customers can buy 5 GB data volume for Rs 150 including taxes or 8 GB at Rs 200. Similarly, there is a third option of a whopping 88 GB at just Rs 888 which comes with a validity of 28 days. The best feature of this pack is that customers get double data at the same price on every repurchase of the pack before the expiry of the pack's validity. For instance, if a customer subscribes to the 8 GB pack and buys the same pack within seven days, they receive a bonus of 16 GB of data.

To subscribe to the Double Majja Pack, customers can simply dial *17123# and follow the instructions. They can also buy the pack by visiting the newly updated Ncell App or through any other authorised channels of Ncell. 

Ncell believes that the reintroduced offer, with its added benefits, provides good value for customers to stay digitally connected at a more affordable cost, as they receive double data as a bonus.

Customers can subscribe to the pack multiple times within the validity period to enjoy internet access through accumulated data volume. In the Rs 150 and Rs 200 Double Majja Packs, the maximum validity for accumulated data is 28 days, while in the Rs 888 pack, customers have up to 60 days to use the accumulated data.

Meanwhile, Ncell has also launched a combo pack where customers receive 4 GB of data, 100 minutes of talk time, and various digital services for Rs 220 including taxes, with a seven-day validity.

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