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KURC to host Aavishkar 24 robotics exhibition on March 12-13

B360 February 26, 2024, 6:06 pm
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KATHMANDU: Kathmandu University Robotics Club (KURC) has announced Aavishkar 24, an event that displays recent robotics advancements and encourages innovation among students and professionals.

The two-day event will be held at the Kathmandu University Central Campus from March 12 to 13. 



Aavishkar24 expects to attract over 4,000 attendees, including more than 300 competitors, over 40 innovators with their projects, and over 30 representatives from schools and colleges. The event will include competitions, workshops, demonstrations, and lectures, making it a significant event for those interested in robotics.

The robotics exhibition will have five main events — AQUABOT, Ideation, Hardware Hackathon, Project Demonstration, and Robo Race — where participants can compete.


The main motive of AQUABOT competition is to clean the waste present in any water body like a lake or river. Robots participating in this competition have to clear the waste in the form of slits from the surface of water. 



Idea-based competition will bring individuals from different fields to the table acting as a cabinet of ministers who will draft solutions via mutual discussions. The program has been designed to guide the table through issues, discussion, and decision-making. 

Hardware Hackathon 

A hardware hackathon is a meeting of some of the most creative and tech-savvy minds and a breeding ground for innovation, as participants collaborate to try and create something entirely new and unique as quickly as possible. 

Project Demonstration 

Project Demonstration is an open competition where participants should come up with a project that is capable of performing specific humanitarian tasks. Participants will have to demonstrate their projects in front of the judges and public, and the winner will be decided considering the result of both judges and public voting. 


Robo Race 

Robo Race is a competition between wireless-controlled robots racing on a track containing obstacles. The obstacles include a maze, suspension bridge, aggregate, sand, uphill, downhill, etc. The top six robots that complete the race track with a maximum number of points will be qualified for the final race. In the final race, the robots securing the maximum points will be declared the winner. 

'Innovation Nexus' is the central theme of Aavishkar24. This theme emphasises the importance of fostering ideas, dreams, and aspirations. The event aims to bring together individuals interested in robotics, technology, and innovation for networking, collaboration, and idea exchange.

In addition to the main events, KURC will organise pre-events such as 'Tech for the Community': a workshop for community schools of Banepa and Dhulikhel Municipality; 'Tech for the Girls by Girls', providing resources and opportunities for girls interested in STEM fields; a photography and gaming competition; and a lecture series on robotics, manufacturing, smart agriculture, and drones.

KURC will also release SOCH, an annual magazine that features recent developments in robotics technology and the work of KURC members.

Aavishkar24 is an opportunity to instigate change, connect with others, and contribute to a future where robotics promotes progress and innovation.

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