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Sudurpashchim's MoPID adopts policy to implement projects and plans

B360 February 27, 2024, 2:30 pm
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SUDURPASHCHIM: Sudurpashchim Province's Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development has adopted a policy to implement projects and plans that have undergone a detailed feasibility study. 

Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development, Prakash Bahadur Deuba, announced at a press conference on Sunday that the approval criteria for multi-year projects and plans include the completion of an environmental impact assessment, feasibility study, and necessary land acquisition.

He mentioned that the practice of scattering limited resources across small projects is being discouraged. A total of 1,960 projects, including 1,750 ongoing and 210 new ones, are set to be implemented this year. This approach is expected to enhance project management efficiency and aid in achieving targets within the stipulated time.

Following policy reforms, the ministry has reduced the 5,329 projects included in the previous fiscal year's budget programme. Minister Deuba stated that effective implementation of the development plan can only be realised through coordination and understanding between political leadership and bureaucracy. The ministry is also preparing a regional transport master plan and a master plan for irrigation and sanitation.

The ministry has begun reviewing the province's pride projects. At the press conference, the ministry's Secretary, Suresh Kumar Bam, elaborated on the policy reforms implemented in the development projects.


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