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Over 35,000 small industries registered in Gandaki in 6 years

B360 February 27, 2024, 2:46 pm
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GANDAKI: Gandaki Province has registered a total of 35,716 cottage and small industries in the past six years. 

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forestry and Environment reports that 32,994 businesses were registered during the same period.

Small, cottage and micro industries are registered at the district tourism and industry offices. Since the establishment of the provincial government, a total of 35,716 domestic and small industries have been registered, according to Ram Prasad Acharya, Chief of the Ministry's Industry and Commerce Division.

He noted that some registrations of small and cottage industries have been cancelled due to non-renewal on time. Some have ceased operations. There is a legal provision to register industries at tourism and industry offices with a fixed capital of less than 100 million rupees.

Despite the Local Government Operation Act 2017 allowing cottage, domestic and small industries to be registered at the local level, registrations for bank loans are increasing at the Tourism and Industry Office. Acharya stated that industries can be registered at the local level or at the tourism and industry offices in all 11 districts of the province.

In line with the 'Digital Gandaki' policy, digital records of 108,253 industrial and commercial firms have been maintained.

The Ministry has prepared a detailed project report for the industrial zones to be established at Punditar in Kaski and Lokahakhola in Nawalpur.

Under the 'One Local Level, One Industrial Village' initiative, infrastructure is being developed in 29 local levels of Gandaki Province. The provincial government has invested Rs 85 million in 23 industrial villages for this purpose.


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