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Team Hello World wins Hult Prize KCM On-Campus 2024 'UNLIMITED'

B360 February 29, 2024, 12:33 pm
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KATHMANDU: The Hult Prize KCM held its On-Campus Finals at Kathmandu College of Management on February 28.

This year's theme, 'UNLIMITED', ignited a surge of creativity among the participants, motivating them to confront pressing global issues with innovative business ideas. 

The second runner-up, Team Sasu, consisting of Somikumar Jung Panday, Urav Krishna Shrestha, and Ayus Shrestha, suggested a clever solution to repurpose discarded soap from hotels. Their method involves sanitising and reselling the soap, effectively mitigating Eutrophication and reducing plastic waste from traditional packaging. 

Securing the first runner-up position, Team Eco Sonic, with members Vinayak Varal, Bivaw Gurung, and Kriti Chaudary, introduced an eco-friendly alternative to traditional stoves that emit substantial amounts of smoke. Their innovative stove significantly reduces smoke emissions, protecting individual health and contributing to environmental conservation. 

However, the coveted title of Hult Prize KCM 2024 On-Campus winners was secured by Team Hello World, comprising Utsabi Shrestha, Sumedha Rijal, Prerika Oli, Romy Shrestha, and Yeshaswi Shrestha. Their pioneering idea focuses on providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional styrofoam, utilising mushroom mycelium with the aim of protecting human health and the environment. 

The victorious teams demonstrated not only their creativity but also a profound understanding of the urgent need for sustainable solutions in today's world. 

The Hult Prize KCM On-Campus Finals served as a convergence of innovation and commitment towards a greener, more sustainable future. 

Nyima Choezom Sherpa, the On-Campus director, and the Hult Prize KCM committee thanked all participants. 

The distinguished panel of judges included Sandeep Shrestha, founder of Sustainability Solutions and a consultant at the World Bank; Sunaina Ghimire Pandey, Managing Director of General Technology, a leading Fintech company, and Chairperson at Space Tech Office Automation; and Bibhusan Bista, CEO and co-founder of YoungInnovations, a software development firm in Nepal. The event was honoured by the presence of Sunita Sherpa, Co-founder and Managing Director of Felt and Yam, as the chief guest.

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