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NA lawmakers call for prioritising job creation, youth mobilisation in upcoming FY

B360 February 29, 2024, 5:36 pm
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KATHMANDU: National Assembly (NA) lawmakers, during discussions on the principles and priorities of the Appropriation Bill for the upcoming fiscal year, emphasised the need for a focus on job creation and youth mobilisation, while maintaining good governance.

Previously, Finance Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat presented the Principles and Priorities of Appropriation Bill for the next fiscal year at the NA meeting on February 26.

Participating in today's debate, lawmakers highlighted the importance of making the budget functional and improving the practice of passing the budget in parliament without adhering to suggestions during its implementation.

They also stressed the need to prioritise the agriculture sector, ensure the safety of health workers, clarify the service delivery responsibilities of the three tiers of government, devise a plan for consuming electricity produced in Nepal domestically, and increase capital expenditure and revenue collection.

Lawmakers including Prakash Pantha, Dilkumari Rawal (Parbati), and Khimlal Devkota took part in the discussions. Devkota drew the government's attention to the absence of ministers who were supposed to participate in the meeting.

Jayanti Devi Rai, President of the Legislation Management Committee, presented the Bill on Anti-Money Laundering and the Promotion of Business Environment, 2079 BS at today's meeting. She also shared the report of the onsite study programme on the law-making process and practices of local levels.

Upper house lawmakers have also drawn the government's attention to the difficulties faced by people due to the lack of drinking water and irrigation facilities in the Tarai-Madhes region. They voiced their concerns during the 'zero hour' in today's National Assembly meeting.

Lawmaker Tulasa Kumari Dahal urged the government to provide clean drinking water to the people in Madhes. She also emphasised the need to conserve the Chure ecosystem by preventing its over-exploitation and to arrange for irrigation in Madhes, the country's 'bread basket'.

Lawmaker Jaga Prasad Sharma called for an end to the trend of minimal expenditure of the budget allocated for major projects, urging the government to find a solution to this issue.

Taraman Swanr urged the government to speed up the construction of the Seti and Mahakali highways, considered vital for the economy and development of Sudurpashchim, and to ensure budget allocation for these road projects in the next fiscal year's budget.

Bhagawati Neupane encouraged the government to develop the birthplace of a pioneering Nepalese poet as a tourist destination. Bimala Ghimire urged the government to promptly address the demands of farmers and victims of predatory lending.

Lawmaker Sumitra BC called for immediate progress in the reconstruction process for the homes of earthquake-affected people in Jajarkot, who are still living in tents nearly four months after the disaster.

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