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Finance Minister directs to expedite preparations for Nepal Investment Summit

B360 March 20, 2024, 7:38 am
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KATHMANDU: The Steering Committee for the forthcoming Nepal Investment Summit convened a meeting on Tuesday, chaired by the Committee’s Coordinator and Finance Minister, Barshaman Pun.

During the meeting, held at the Ministry of Finance in Singha Durbar, Minister Pun instructed the Investment Summit Secretariat to expedite the preparatory work to ensure the successful execution of the Investment Summit. The Summit is scheduled to be held in Kathmandu on April 28-29.

Minister Pun stressed the important role of all stakeholders in ensuring the success of the Summit. The investment summit aims to attract investment in infrastructure development, industrial and tourism sectors, clean energy, information technology, agricultural processing, and health and education sectors. This is expected to boost production and create more job opportunities in the country.

Minister Pun also encouraged leaders in the private sector to persuade foreign investors to invest in business partnership projects. The Summit is being organised to attract more investment from both the national and international private sector, as well as non-resident Nepalis.

During the meeting, Sushil Bhatta, Chief Executive Officer of Investment Board Nepal and Coordinator of the Investment Summit Secretariat, gave a detailed presentation on the progress made by the Secretariat, the technical committee on project selection, the committee on legal reforms, and other teams.

The meeting was attended by ministers, Vice-Chairman of National Planning Commission, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, representatives from private sector umbrella organisations, and high-ranking government officials.

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