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NIC Asia Capital Introduces VKYC for Online Demat Account Holders

B360 March 29, 2024, 4:59 pm
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KATHMANDU: NIC Asia Capital, with its core strategy of utilizing technology to provide convenient, accessible, and hassle-free services to its customers through digital means, has enabled online and electronic access for most of its services.

Following this strategy, NIC Asia Capital has introduced a system for verification (VKYC) through video call for customers who have opened a Demat account through "NIC Asia Online Demat Service".

This video KYC allows Nepalis residing abroad and those who have opened a Demat account through "NIC Asia Online Demat Service" within Nepal but haven't completed verification yet, to complete the process. Customers can click on the link sent by NIC Asia Capital to the email address registered during Demat account opening. They can then fill in the required details and proceed with the video KYC process. Verification through video KYC will only be approved if the details provided match those submitted during Demat account opening.

Furthermore, for those who haven't completed verification yet or haven't received a video KYC link from NIC Asia Capital, or for any further inquiries regarding video KYC, they can directly contact NIC Asia Capital on the following mobile numbers: 9847345099, 9847345107, and 9848865223.

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