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Global IME Bank and Aloi Join Forces for Sustainable Development in Nepal

B360 April 3, 2024, 10:30 am
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KATHMANDU: April 2, 2024, in a step towards fostering sustainable development and promoting green financing initiatives, Global IME and Aloi have proudly announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaborative effort marks a pivotal moment in Nepal's financial landscape, as two leading entities join forces to drive positive environmental impact through innovative financing solutions.

 Under the terms of the MOU, Global IME, renowned for its commitment to environmental responsibility, will extend financing in various green initiatives including dairy, coffee, and electric vehicles. The aim is to channel resources towards projects that not only contribute to sustainable development but also align with the principles of environmental conservation. This move underscores Global IME's dedication to utilizing finance as a catalyst for green economic growth.

Aloi, a pioneering software platform, will play a crucial role in this collaboration by connecting Global IME with prospective clients and facilitating due diligence processes effectively. With its innovative climate financing monitoring system, Aloi ensures transparency and accountability in the lending process, thereby fostering trust between lenders and borrowers.
The agreement, formalized between Mr. Ashim Karmacharya, Head of Green and Sustainable Banking at Global IME Bank, and Ms. Sonika Manandhar, Co-Founder and CTO of Aloi, signifies a shared commitment towards identifying strategic opportunities within green and sustainable sectors. Together, they will work collaboratively to simplify the introduction and progress of these opportunities, promoting mutual growth and sustainability.

Collaboratively, Global IME and Aloi stand ready to investigate and seize potential opportunities within the green economy. Through the harmonization of their individual strengths and networks, their goal is to come up with new innovative ideas and make a real difference in how sustainable development happens.

Essentially, this partnership highlights a shared dedication to building a sustainable future and making a positive impact on the environment through teamwork. By working together like this, Global IME and Aloi are showing how companies can responsibly engage and take the lead in promoting sustainability.

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