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Bilateral agreement between NIC Asia Capital and Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank to increase access to Systematic Investment Plans

B360 April 3, 2024, 11:55 am
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KATHMANDU: Among the open-ended schemes currently operating in Nepal, NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund, which has a low investment risk, is a joint venture between NIC Asia Capital Limited and Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank Limited, with the aim of providing purchase and sale of units, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) registration and SIP services.  According to the agreement, Capital's SIP service can now be easily provided to customers of Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank.

Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank has been appointed as a distributor with the aim of providing easy access to NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund to investors across the country. It is also believed that it will contribute to the overall financial sector through financial inclusion and financial empowerment. Customers of Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank can avail this facility easily and conveniently from the bank office. Mahalakshmi Bikas Bank will operate this service from its central office Darbarmarg in the first phase and it will be provided gradually in every province.

Currently, NIC Asia Capital is expanding access to investment to Nepali investors across the country by partnering with Manjushree Finance Limited and Samriddhi Finance Limited. Also, NIC Asia Bank has been providing these services from all branch offices.

For any query and more information regarding SIP of NIC Dynamic Debt Fund, can be contacted at Capital's mobile no. 9851214531 or emailed at [email protected]

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