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3rd Research Symposium on "Emerging Trends in IT and Business Management"

B360 April 17, 2024, 2:48 pm
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KATHMANDU: At a research seminar on emerging trends in information technology and business management held in the Kathmandu, speakers expressed concern that we have not been able to develop yet because we do not know what is needed for national development.

Professor Dr. Manish Pokhrel, Dean of the Kathmandu University School of Engineering, spoke at the event held at Patan College of Professional Studies. He argued that Nepal cannot progress until the situation changes where donors from other countries come and tell us what our country needs. He emphasized the need for education alongside sustainable development for an industrial revolution.

The program was organized by the Lord Buddha Education Foundation. In the current context, the Foundation's president, Pankaj Jalan, stressed the importance of practical education in information technology.

Dr. Sudan Jha, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University, spoke about the role of education in bridging the gap between the goals of sustainable development projects and the industrial revolution. 

Dr. Surendra Nyaupane, Head of Research at Lincoln College, emphasized that rapid development in information technology can only be achieved through  proper skills and expertise.

Researchers and experts from the management sector also presented their views at the program. Researchers along with postgraduate students from the college presented their research on new trends and developments. A journal containing student research was also launched at the event.





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