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inDrive officially launched in Nepal

B360 May 6, 2024, 3:56 pm
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KATHMANDU: inDrive, a leading platform for mobility and urban services, has officially launched its service in Nepal.

After offering services for approximately three years, inDrive has now officially registered with the company and commenced its services. To ensure equitable and affordable travel for both drivers and passengers in Nepal, inDrive has implemented a commission fee of up to 10% for drivers.

inDrive distinguishes itself from traditional ride-hailing apps by adopting a people-to-people model and a human-centric approach. Unlike algorithms determining prices, inDrive introduces a unique feature that allows passengers and drivers to negotiate ride fares freely within the app. Passengers have the freedom to propose fares for their rides and negotiate directly with drivers based on factors such as vehicle model, driver rating, and estimated arrival time.

Pavit Nanda Anand, inDrive's Asia Pacific Communications Lead, said, "inDrive's mission as a brand is to challenge injustice and make the world a better place for over 1 billion people. We are excited to announce that inDrive has now officially launched in Nepal. inDrive empowers people around the world with the freedom of choice." She added, "The Nepali market is very important to us and we are confident that our services will bring innovation and employment to the Nepali market."

Similarly, inDrive Nepal Director Rita Pokhrel said, "The official launch of inDrive in Nepal marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ride-hailing industry here. We are excited to announce that inDrive is now officially launched in Nepal.” According to Pokhrel, inDrive has started service in Kathmandu as well as Pokhara and Dharan. The company also stated that they will soon start services in various regions of Nepal as well as with courier and cargo services.



Pokhrel concluded her statement by highlighting the seamless payment experience for users, courtesy of their payment partner, IME. She emphasised, "With IME as our trusted ally, we ensure that our users can make payments effortlessly and securely, marking a significant step towards enhancing their overall experience with inDrive."

inDrive Services in Kathmandu:

  • Cab Rides
  • Moto Rides
  • Delivery
  • City-to-city rides (Outstation rides)

Key Features:

  • Offer your fare - Find a driver who accepts your offer or accept a driver’s offer instead
  • Choose a driver - You’ll see the driver’s rating and how many rides they’ve done
  • Be secure in your choice - We verify every driver’s basic info and documents before they join the app

Safety Update:

  • Both passengers and drivers can choose whom they want to take a ride with based on their rating and the number of trips they have done before.
  • Live ride details sharing and the save our souls (SOS) button in our application during the ride.
  • Quick support to users in any unexpected situation and work closely with authorities to solve the situation quickly.


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