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S Korea pledges to increase assistance to Nepal

B360 May 8, 2024, 5:27 pm
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KATHMANDU: The Republic of Korea (RoK) has announced its intention to increase its assistance to various sectors in Nepal.

During an event held to mark the golden jubilee of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Nepal and South Korea, RoK's Ambassador to Nepal, Park Tae-Young, shared this information with the media. 

On this occasion, the Korean Ambassador stated that South Korea's support to various sectors in Nepal is set to increase in the future. 

South Korea's aid to Nepal primarily targets health, education, agriculture, and good governance sectors. The ambassador highlighted that Korea's support to Nepal serves as a model, and over 100,000 Nepali nationals have benefited from employment in South Korea since the Employment Permit System (EPS) agreement was initiated between the two countries in 2007. Currently, 43,963 Nepali nationals are employed in various sectors in South Korea under the EPS. 

The Ambassador emphasised that South Korea, facing a low birth rate, is in need of labour. The process of hiring workers from Nepal will be stepped up in the future. Nepali workers are currently engaged in Korea's production, agricultural, and shipbuilding industries. Plans are underway to hire Nepali workers for the wildlife and forest sectors in the upcoming year. 

South Korea employs 100,000 workers annually from 16 countries, with Nepal being at the forefront. 

On the occasion, Korea International Cooperation Agency( KoICA) Nepal Chief, Mohan Kong, said that Nepal receives support from Korea in education, health, agriculture, good governance, and entrepreneurship sectors.

The aim of this assistance is to achieve poverty alleviation and good governance.  

Nepal and South Korea established diplomatic relations on May 15, 1974.

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