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Ncell launches new scheme 'Sadhai On'

Preeti Pantha
Preeti Pantha May 15, 2024, 4:13 pm
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KATHMANDU: Ncell has launched its new scheme 'Sadhai On' today, as a step towards a digital future. The primary purpose of this scheme is to empower Nepali customers to maintain their balances 'always on' and guide them towards the digital future.

In the opening remarks at a press conference, Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, stated that "Consumer needs are evolving, and as more mobile phone users conduct their daily activities such as shopping, travel, and banking transactions online, they require 'always-on' internet access."

Through 'Sadhai On', Ncell is committed to addressing the customer’s issue of running out of balance by simplifying the data packs. By paying special attention to the suggestions of the customers, more than five dozen such data packs have been reduced to 20. Under Ncell’s ‘Sadhai On' scheme, the company has launched three models: Basic, Best and Unlimited with eight plans. The plans range from a pack starting at Rs 98 for 7 days to Rs 1,499 for 28 days. Every plan includes bundled data, all Nepal call talk time and all Nepal SMS. These plans are now twice as affordable as its existing charges. In addition, customers who activate 'Sadhai On' will receive a free data plan for social media usage.

The concept of this scheme is to contribute to digitisation by aligning the data usage behaviour of Nepali customers with that of other countries worldwide. Currently, whether it is the plans of Ncell or other service providers in Nepal, various apps on smartphones deduct the balance for data usage without the knowledge of the users while being connected to the Internet.

Amidst this, the broader vision of the plan is to prepare Nepali customers for 5G. "5G is the future of wireless technology and it will revolutionise how businesses and economies operate. This technology is already available in more than 60 countries. We aim for Nepal to become the second country in South Asia to commercialise 5G after India. And for that, an important first step should be taken, and that is, every Nepali should start using their mobile phone productively, which means, your data should be 'always on'," Kayumov added.

5G is not just about messenger internet, its real significance lies in the ability to introduce cutting-edge technology that can have a significant impact on the development of sectors such as agriculture, health education, tourism and others. This paves the way for the government's concept of Digital Nepal.

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