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CIM conducts skill upgrading training for industry technicians

B360 May 26, 2024, 4:40 pm
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BIRATNAGAR: Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM) has recently completed a skill upgrading training programme for technicians working in the industrial sector.

A total of 22 trainees took part in the energy efficiency training conducted to enhance the skills and efficiency of the technicians working in the industries, particularly in terms of economical energy consumption. Technicians from MM Plastic Industry participated in the training, which was conducted under CIM’s skill development programme in collaboration with the ENSSURE Project.

The 20-day training concluded with an award distribution programme on May 24. At the programme, CIM President Rakesh Surana distributed certificates to the trainees. He stated that enhancing the knowledge and skills of the workforce in industrial establishments would help increase the productivity of industries. He acknowledged the industry’s current shortage of skilled technicians and said that CIM is conducting training courses based on the needs of the industries. He expressed his pleasure at the growing interest of the industries in taking part in this type of training recently and encouraged the employees to view each training as a lifelong learning process and to improve their performance.

Sanjay Kumar Sah, trainer of the programme, said techniques for reducing energy consumption, controlling wasted energy, use and operation of machines, appropriate use and management of energy, energy efficiency methods and other important topics were included in the training.

Additionally, under CIM’s skill development programme, training related to jute batching at Arihant Multi Fibers Ltd and training related to industry automation variable frequency drive (VFD) for technicians in changing contexts were being conducted simultaneously on the premises of CIM secretariat.

CIM has previously trained technicians from various industrial establishments in one place. However, to make the learning more effective, they have recently started conducting training at the workplace of the related industry. The organisation has also prepared a curriculum based on the demand for the skills of the working technicians of the related industry and has adopted a strategy to conduct this type of training. According to CIM, training for 100 individuals out of 300 has been completed in the current fiscal year.

CIM Immediate Past President Suyesh Pyakurel, Senior Vice President Nand Kishor Rathi, Skill Development Programme Coordinator Deepak Kumar Agrawal, and ENSSURE Project’s Rekha Uprety participated in the concluding programme of the training.


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