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Wai Wai announces cash prizes for Nepali national team’s performance in ICC T20 WC

B360 June 4, 2024, 11:32 am
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KATHMANDU: Wai Wai, the most popular instant noodle brand in Nepal, has announced a series of prizes to boost the morale of the Nepali national team participating in the ongoing ICC T-20 World Cup.

CG Foods Nepal Ltd has declared that Wai Wai will award a cash prize of Rs 3 million to the Nepali national team if they manage to reach the Super-8 stage of the World Cup.

With this announcement, the national cricket team will receive Rs 3 million from Wai Wai upon reaching the Super-8 stage.

In addition to this, Wai Wai has also announced various other prizes aimed at maintaining Nepal's winning streak in the World Cup. These include Rs 1,000 for each run scored, Rs 8,000 for each four, Rs 12,000 for each six, Rs 15,000 for each wicket, Rs 50,000 for each half-century, Rs 100,000 for each century, and Rs 150,000 cash for each match won by the Nepali team.

These prizes have been announced following an agreement signed between CG Foods Nepal and the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

It is believed that the announcement of these prizes will encourage Nepali players to perform well in the match. CG Foods, under the Chaudhary Group, has been sponsoring U-19 cricket in Nepal for the past 20 years. Wai Wai began investing in the development of Nepali cricket at a time when there were no spectators in the cricket field.

"Every Nepali has a strong desire to see the Nepali national team lift the T-20 Cricket World Cup trophy. Our players deserve it, but it is our duty to raise their spirits even higher," said Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director of the Chaudhary Group. He added, "Wai Wai has been supporting the development of cricket in Nepal. Clearly, Wai Wai stands with our players at this historic moment when Nepal will play in the World Cup."

Nepal is scheduled to play its first match against the Netherlands on Tuesday. Following this, Nepal is set to play in the first round against South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

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