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Bahrabise substation construction completed

B360 June 23, 2024, 3:52 pm
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KATHMANDU: The construction of Bahrabise substation, which is considered important for connecting Sindhupalchok and surrounding districts to the national power grid, has been completed. 

The substation houses 160 MVA, 132/11kV, and 5 MVA power transformers, with a total capacity of 220/132 kV. Testing of all equipment in the substation, based on Gas Insulated System (GIS) technology, has been successfully concluded. Additionally, another 400kV substation is currently under construction in Bahrabise.

Under the leadership of Chilime Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the 120-megawatt (MW) Mid-Bhotekosi hydropower project in Sindhupalchok will be connected to this substation. NEA confirms that the Bahrabise substation will utilise the same electricity once production begins at the Mid-Bhotekoshi hydropower project. During the testing of structures and equipment for electricity generation from the project, a tunnel repair is underway due to water leakage.

NEA Executive Director Kul Man Ghising stated that the tunnel repair aims to be completed by the second week of August. Recently, a high-level delegation, including Ghising, monitored the repair work at the Madhyabhotekoshi substation, transmission line, and tunnel. They urged the project management and contractor company to finish the work within the stipulated time.

Ghising emphasised that since the construction of the Bahrabise substation, there have been no issues connecting electricity generated from the Mid-Bhotekoshi project to the national grid. The power from the Mid-Bhotekoshi Project will be transmitted to the Bahrabise substation via a 220kV transmission line. The project has already erected a tower for a four-kilometre 220kV single-circuit transmission line from the powerhouse switchyard to the Bahrabise substation. However, the remaining two kilometres of cable installation face delays due to protests by locals in Palanti, Ward No. 3 and 4 of Bahrabise Municipality.


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