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Over 1,600 people affected by rain-triggered floods in Kanchanpur

B360 July 8, 2024, 12:37 pm
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DODHARA CHANDANI, KANCHANPUR: Floods triggered by incessant rains have submerged several settlements in Kanchanpur district. 

According to Kanchanpur District Police Office (DPO), most areas have been affected by the flood. 

In Dodhara Chandani Municipality-10, three settlements have been inundated after the Mahakali and Jogbuda rivers overflowed.

Kutiyakabhar in Jogbuda, as well as Shanti Tole and Lisani Tole in Wari, are also flooded. Similarly, Bhimdatta, Bedkot, Shuklaphanta, Krishnapur municipalities, and many settlements in the southern region of Kanchanpur have been flooded.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Umesh Joshi, spokesperson at the DPO, reported that 1,622 people affected by the floods have been rescued and relocated to safer places.

(With inputs from RSS)

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