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Rice plantation covers 38 pc of cultivable land nationwide

B360 July 8, 2024, 10:47 pm
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KATHMANDU: With the monsoon season gaining momentum, rice plantations across Nepal are progressing steadily. As of Sunday, paddy cultivation has covered 38.6% of the total land area, which amounts to 539,766 hectares across all seven provinces.

The Department of Agriculture has reported varying percentages of rice plantations in different provinces. Sudurpashchim Province leads with 54.2% plantation, while Madhes Province has the lowest percentage at 25.5%. As of July 7, the figures stood at 34.4% in Koshi, 40.2% in Bagmati, 49.7% in Gandaki, 44.4% in Lumbini, and 47.5% in Karnali.

Overall, rice cultivation spans a total of 1,398,273 hectares nationwide. The largest area under rice cultivation is in Madhes Province, covering 383,150 hectares, while the smallest area is in Karnali, with 41,904 hectares.

Compared to last year’s data, as of July 9, the country had witnessed 42.9% rice plantation.

Annually, Nepal produces an average of 5,700,000 metric tonnes of rice, while the demand stands at 6,200,000 metric tonnes, according to the Department’s information officer, Tilak Raj Chaulagain.


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