Fri, April 19, 2024

133rd International Labour Day being marked today

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KATHMANDU: Different labour unions and workers are organising various programmes to mark the International Labour Day today recalling the victory of labourers for demand for eight-hour-long labour union movement and other legal rights. On this occasion, trade unions and labour fraternities are conducting different programmes. The Nepal Trade Union Congress this morning organised a rally in the Capital City. Starting from Bhrikutimandap, the rally is set to converge into an assembly after reaching Bhaktapur Buspark via Sahid Gate, New Road Gate and Ratna Park. Likewise, the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions is scheduled to organise an assembly in Bhrikutimandap this afternoon. Furthermore, the Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC), which is a joint union of over a dozen trade unions active in Nepal, is marking this day by organising a grand rally this afternoon in the Capital City. By RSS READ ALSO:  
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