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CG Finco marks 20th anniversary

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KATHMANDU: CG Finco on Monday organised a programme in Kathmandu to mark its 20th anniversary. At the programme, Nirvana Chaudhary, Founder of CG Finco, expressed gratitude to the customers for the company's successful completion of 20 years. Chaudhary mentioned CG Finco, the independent company founded by him, as a landmark in his business career. He stated that he is encouraged by the company whenever he has to make new investments or important decisions. He also expressed his satisfaction that CG Finco is striving to be adept in the responsibility of bringing foreign currency into the country today and has become a reliable medium for Nepalis living abroad to send money to Nepal. Chaudhary said, "CG Finco is very important in my business career. I think the establishment of CG Finco 20 years ago transformed the remittance industry of Nepal and today the remittance industry has become the sector that contributes the most to the country's GDP." Chaudhary said that apart from being a reliable medium for sending money to Nepal from abroad, it is also playing the role in reducing illegal money transfers. He expressed his commitment to making the remittance services easier. "CG Finco will solidify its foundation in the remittance industry by focusing on digital remittance," Chaudhary said. On the occasion, of the company's 20th anniversary, four employees were honoured with various awards. Ramesh Regmi was honoured with the 'Marketing Genius Award', Renu Pradhan with the 'Unmatched Dedication Award', Pratima Sharma Pokharel with the 'Best Customer Centricity Award' and Ashish Kumar Hamal with the 'Rising Star Award'. CG Finco has been working as the super agent of Western Union Money Transfer, an American company since 2003. The company which started its service from 100 outlets across the country, is now providing remittance services throughout the country through more than 4,000 agents.
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