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The motor vehicle industry is in full gear for the much awaited annual automobile event, the NADA Auto Show 2019. A huge spectrum of automobile brands will showcase their most coveted machines on a single platform with special offers for customers and auto enthusiasts.

B360 interviewed the marketing heads of some of the highly acclaimed auto companies on their brand Excerpts:

Sijan Neupane
Marketing Manager, Agni Incorporated
Mahindra & Mahindra

At the NADA Auto Show 2019

We will have a service centre like design for our stall displaying XUV 300 and Marazzo and revealing special discounts and offers at the NADA Auto Show.

Mahindra as a preferred brand

Considering the terrain of Nepal, Mahindra vehicles are very friendly for such types of roads. For generations, people have trusted Mahindra vehicles and we are glad that we have earned the respect and trust of our valuable customers. Most importantly, Mahindra vehicles are of great build and quality.

Advice to a first time buyer

Mahindra offers wide varieties of vehicles as per your need. It’s very important for the buyer to know what s/he wants to buy on the budget s/he has.

Flagship models

Scorpio, Scorpio Pickup, Bolero Pickup, XUV 300, Marazzo and XUV 500 are currently the flagship models.

After-sales services

We have over 45 service centres all over Nepal so that we can reach out to our Mahindra customers nationwide. Our service centres are systematised and all aspects of the vehicles are inspected so that the vehicle can run properly and is sustainable.

Many vehicle owners prefer to visit local service centres maybe because of the connection they have with those local service centres. Local service centres are very different from authorised service centres. They do not offer thorough checkups like the authorised ones due to which many problems can occur in the future. So, I highly discourage people to go to such service centres.

RK Singh
Deputy General Manager, Shangrila Motors

Peugeot as a preferred brand

Peugeot has a long history of more than 200 years. The main USP of Peugeot vehicles is its stylish design, most advanced technology, best and latest features and durability which has made it a popular brand in Nepal within a very short period.

Importance of sales, marketing and promotional activities

Peugeot vehicles are expensive and our models are not suitable to target the mass. The market size of this segment is also very limited so our sales and promotional activities are different from brands for the masses like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai or Tata. We are more focused on a personal approach, meet our customers personally and arrange test drive at their door step. Another important factor is our after-sales service which is important for us in order to earn our customers’ trust.

Flagship models

It’s definitely Peugeot 3008 Series SUVs. It is available in two variants, GT Line and Allure. 3008 GT Line comes in 1.6L petrol whereas 3008 Allure is available in both 1.6L petrol and 2.0L diesel.  Price ranges from Rs. 1.2 to 1.38 crores.

Sales performance in previous fiscal

Last year, sales was good. We sold 62 units which we consider a good figure in this segment for a new entrant. 

Views on taxation

High import tax has always been a debatable issue. New taxation system and Central Bank’s loan policy is very unfriendly to the auto industry. It has seriously affected the market due to which sales has declined by 25-30% and shall affect imports in coming months. This will reflect in government’s revenue too. However, government’s initiatives to promote electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles by reducing import duties and taxes and plans to establish EV charging stations are appreciable.

Kiran Acharya
Assistant Marketing Manager, Life Automobile

At the NADA Auto Show 2019

Jeep will be at the Auto Show where our vehicles and stall will be presented in interesting and innovative ways. We believe in innovation. We will be launching few models in the Compass segment. Trial hawk will be the focused model among all.

Advice to a first time buyer

It’s your responsibility to be safe while driving and the safety of your co-passengers as well. So, don’t go with what is in trend in the market. Think and experience the vehicle and quality before you make decisions.

Views on taxation

Taxes and government rules have definitely impacted sales. The auto industry has been affected badly and the government should re-think its policies with good schemes for auto dealers so that we can uplift the market scenario. 

Resale value of Jeep

We believe that owning the Jeep is a prestige and we think that Jeep owners will not think about selling their vehicle.

After-sales services

We have developed world class service station following international norms specially designed for Jeep. After-sales service is a major focus point for us. Preference for local service centers depends on the choice of customers. We, at Jeep, request our vehicle owners that safety and responsibility is the main priority, so always go with authentic and genuine products specified by the company’s authorised service centers.

Dipesh Shrestha
Head of Marketing and Sales, Himalayan Motorrad
BMW Motorrad

At the NADA Auto Show 2019

BMW Motorrad is proud to announce its participation in the NADA Auto Show 2019. As this is the first year of operations, we have attractive offers and incentives for our Adventure 310GS and the Naked 310R models. We have cash discounts and other perks such as first free servicing and discounts on authentic AGV helmets. We are also offering exclusive on and off-road certified BMW Motorrad trainings for all our riders. Financing facilities are also available.

BMW Motorrad as a preferred brand

BMW Motorrad is a marquee brand that has recently entered Nepal focusing on the 300cc segment. We are confident that the two models 310GS and 310R will satisfy both the adventure minded and the slick city riders of Nepal. All the models come with 10,000 km or one year servicing interval. We are expanding in Nepal and currently available in Pokhara, Butwal, and Chitwan.

Flagship model

Our flagship model is the 310GS which is a dual purpose motorcycle, perfectly suited to the terrain of Nepal and designed to challenge any adventure. With KYB suspensions, dual purpose Metzeler tires, switchable ABS, it is designed to be comfortable on challenging terrains. This is your ideal partner on a long journey.

Sales performance in the previous fiscal

Since December 2018, we have already sold more than 85 units. Our customers are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Views on taxation

Taxes determine the cost of every good we import or export and the high increment rates of taxes have definitely affected the economy. Being in an auto import business, the auto sector has been directly affected with the new laws and policies which have impacted the sales numbers.

Sweta Silwal
Senior Marketing and Communication Officer, Pioneer Moto Corp
Datsun and Nissan

Datsun and Nissan as preferred brands

Datsun offers products that are affordable to customers who are looking to buy value-for-money cars; whereas, we have a range of Nissan vehicles appropriate for all customer bases.

Importance of sales, marketing and promotional activities

It’s very important for both of our brands. We take marketing and sales promotions very seriously which is why we often come up with schemes and activities to push sales and for brand presence.

At NADA Auto Show 2019

The new Nissan Kicks XV Pre (O) which will be launched at the Auto Show will surely be the highlight of Nissan’s stall. It will be priced around Rs. 65 lakhs.

Sales performance in the previous fiscal

Last year went quite well for both the brands. We sold over 1200 vehicles of both brands.

Bijay Moktan
Business Head, Hansraj Hulaschand & Co

KTM as a preferred brand

KTM is an Austrian brand with the motto of Ready To Race. It is famous for its aggressive and uncompromising bikes with great power and torque figures and is the best bike available in the market in its segment.

Sales performance in the last fiscal

It wasn’t as good as the years before. We sold more than 1500 units.

Views on taxation

The automobile taxation system of Nepal is too high compared to other countries because none of the other countries have applied over 200% tax on import vehicles. The government should look towards other options to raise tax rather than increasing the tax on automobile industry only.
The changes in the tax system have directly affected our business and our sales have dropped down by more than 50% compared to last year.

Resale value

Resale is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying a vehicle. Resale value determines the actual demand of any product and its charm in the market. If the value and demand of any product is low, it reflects the brand’s position in the market.

Every day the numbers of KTM bike owners are increasing which means that the value of KTM bikes is also increasing in the market. Our products have good resale value not just because of the market presence, but also due to the technologies used in our products.

After-sales service

KTM mainly focuses on quality service and customer satisfaction. Currently, KTM is providing service to customers from all major cities with properly trained manpower. All the service points are equipped with proper diagnostic and precision tools in order to solve problems with accuracy. KTM is providing mobile service as well and our customer care department reaches out to every customer to collect feedback after service.

Some vehicle owners prefer to visit local service centers. It may be due to time factor or due to the existence of local workshop near to them or for minor jobs. For KTM, due to the adaptation of technology and presence of sensors and actuators, customers revisit KTM service centers even if they had gone to local service centers.

I suggest all the customers to visit authorised service centers as KTM bikes have technical features like ABS, EFI, EMS and TFT which might create additional problems if the bike lands in the hand of an unskilled service personnel.

Santosh Nyaupane
Business Development Head, Raman Motors

At NADA Auto Show 2019

We are participating in the Auto Show with a wide range of motorcycles and scooters from Runner. We will have an off-road motorcycle, Runner Hawk 200, as our main attraction. We will also offer discount up to Rs. 20,000 and free merchandise dedicated for NADA Auto Show 2019. Our stall will be kept simple so that the visitors can see and feel our products more at the Auto Show.

Runner as a preferred brand

Runner products are value for money products. Our products are reasonably priced and are better than our competitors in terms of quality. Runner products come with six years warranty which is more than any other competitors have ever offered.

Advice to a first time buyer

If you are a first time buyer, I suggest you not to blindly follow any brand which your ancestors recommend. You have a wide range of new brands and models which are value-for-money product offering more facilities and warranty like Runner. Have a look, compare thoroughly, go through user reviews and try something new to stand apart from the crowd.

Resale value

We give best valuations for exchanges which in many cases are above customer expectation. We have done sufficient tie-ups with recondition houses and provide best resale value for old bikes for exchanges.
Runner motorcycles are also getting good resale value as the brand is getting popular in the market and I am positive that it will get better resale value in the future.

Nijen Lal Shrestha
Business Development Manager, Syakar Trading Company

At the NADA Auto Show 2019

We are sticking with a standard and simple stall design. This year at the Auto Show, we are planning to display four commuter scooters/motorcycles: Dio, Grazia, Hornet 160 and X Blade, and two big bikes. We are also planning to launch our Dashain and Tihar scheme at the Auto Show itself.

Importance of sales, marketing and promotional activities

These three things hold great importance to any company out there in the market. Without these, a company cannot sustain in the market.

Sales performance in the previous fiscal

The sales performance of the last year was pretty good and we were able to sell 82,000 units and maintain the market share as well.

Views on taxation

There are certain things which we cannot control. Among them one is political rules and policies. It definitely affects our sales, but we have to adapt according to the new system and policies.

Samit Singh
Marketing Head, VG Automobiles
Suzuki Two Wheelers

At NADA Auto Show 2019

V.G. Automobiles, authorised distributor of Suzuki two wheelers for Nepal, is participating in this year’s NADA Auto Show. Our stall design will be based on our corporate identity and vehicles will be displayed strategically to interact with visitors. As the festivals are approaching, we will be launching our Dashain festival discounts and schemes.

We will launch the most awaited Gixxer Series: Gixxer 250 Naked Version, Gixxer 250 Fairing Version, Gixxer 250 Moto GP, Gixxer 150 Naked Version, Gixxer 150 Fairing Version and Gixxer 150 MotoGP at the Auto Show which will be our flagship models for coming years.

Importance of sales, marketing and promotional activities

Sales, marketing and promotional activities play a vital role for every company. These activities build awareness about the products and create interest amongst the public. The sales and marketing team provides product information to potential customers. These interactive approaches enable purchase and ensure good public relations. Customers keep coming back because the team makes sure that they receive quality within budget.

Advice to a first time buyer

I would like to say to the first time buyer that Suzuki is a trusted brand offering reliability and quality. It is essential to look into a scooter or motorcycle’s specifications in detail, performance and availability of genuine spare parts in the market before making the purchase. Also, make sure that the selected vehicle fits your budget. Equally important is timely servicing which should be done from experienced mechanics only. Never hesitate to ask about the product details.

Sales performance in the previous fiscal

8000 units were sold. This has added to the increment of our market share.

Karun Shakya
Senior Marketing Manager, CG Motocorp
Maruti Suzuki & Suzuki

At the NADA Auto Show 2019

We are participating in NADA Auto Show like we have been doing since its very inception. This Auto Show is a big and the only platform of its kind for the auto industry in the country.

We are following a very simple concept in stall design that is driven by the objective of best visibility and better communication. We will display our smart hybrid range: SCross, Ciaz and Ertiga along with our best seller Vitara Brezza, Swift, Celerio and Baleno. We will disclose our festival scheme with additional offers at the NADA Auto Show.

Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki as the preferred brands

There are many good and practical reasons for why we are the most preferred brand in the country. We have the largest product range that can satisfy the needs of all types of customers. Our cars built with 100% Japanese technology are well known for reliability and ease of maintenance. Our cars give the best in class mileage, spare parts costs are economical and are widely available throughout the country. Our cars have best return through high resale value. We have the largest sales, service and spare part network.

Advice to a first time buyer

At the end of the day, it’s the customer’s decision to buy a vehicle. What we recommend is to own a brand that is easier and less expensive to run, that provides best safety features, and has high resale value to provide better return when you decide to upgrade.

Views on taxation

Taxation has a huge impact on this business. We believe that automobiles are more of necessity than luxury in the current context and we will applaud the policies that favour the same. Policies have direct impact on the cost of acquisition which currently is unfavourable for the industry as a whole.

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