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‘A person with a learning mindset is more likely to succeed’

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Subarna Thapa

General Manager, Varnabas Museum Hotel

With over 20 years of international experience, Subarna Thapa, General Manager of Varnabas Museum Hotel, is proficient in driving revenue performance, growth and service excellence, along with proven expertise in executing robust strategies, managing large budgets, and improving processes that result in reduced costs, higher quality and greater yield. Through his career, Thapa has worked in Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel, Hotel Mystic Mountain and Kathmandu Marriott Hotel and believes that one has to work and gain experience to flourish in the field. He has completed his Master’s degree in Food Service Management with focus on Financial Management Certificate from Cornell University. In this issue of Business 360, Thapa talks about some of his favourite brands and what he has learnt from some of them. Top 4 apps that you use the most WhatsApp: For quick and speedy communication, WhatsApp business is also a very useful platform for commercial usages. Viber: Use this tool among family members. Instagram: Since Instagram is used for both personal and commercial purposes and has mostly replaced Facebook for commercial purposes, I find it quite beneficial for staying up to date on industry trends. Facebook: Exclusively for commercial purposes, other than product promotion, examining what competitors are up to, and what the worldwide trend is. 3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to Everest Base Camp: Because I work in the hotel industry, I get to meet world record holder mountaineers from around the world every year. Being born and raised in Nepal, I dream of being near the foot of Mt Everest, the pride of Nepal. Bardiya National Park: I have never visited this area before and since Chitwan no longer entices me with forest excursions, Bardiya has piqued my interest. Shey Phoksundo: Purely to enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty. Women-run businesses you think deserve accolades Designo Studio: Smriti Thapa runs this company as the CEO. I have witnessed the creativity in her team and the passion she has for her design from start to finish, and I have nothing but praise for her and her team. Nina’s: She takes on the role of owner, manager, server, guest relation, and everything else. I enjoy her sense of humour and the way she looks after her crew. I’ve never seen a business owner shut down a restaurant on a weekend to allow her team to relax. And obviously food is always one thing that keeps bringing me back to Nina’s. A startup business that you think will ace later Yatri Motorcycles: It’s incredible to see the first ever bike built in Nepal, and it’s not just a bike, it’s a competitive bike among all the other international bikes on the market. An entrepreneur who inspires you Basant Lama of The Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken: It’s amazing to see how many outlets are being culverted around the country. Though I have never visited any of the outlets to sample their food or services, Lama must have a secret formula for the brand’s success. A non-profit you want to contribute to Maiti Nepal: I have seen Maiti Nepal grow from its humble beginnings as a home for rescued girls in Gaushala to its current presence in major cities offering a variety of services to combat human trafficking. The team’s journey from 1993 to today has certainly not been easy, but despite many problems and obstacles, the Maiti Team has achieved their goal, and as a member of the same society, it is my personal ambition to do whatever I can. What are the three things it takes to manage a company? Attitude and Intention: Attitude is a personal trait, while purpose is a desire; both are regarded as the most important qualities in a manager. Knowledge & Previous Experience: To become a teacher, you need to study first. Human Skill: The essential duty of a manager is to achieve organisational goals using the resources available to them, and the most complicated resource available to any manager is the human resource. A manager or leader must be capable of managing the people’s resources around him or her. The best work advice you have received Hire for the attitude: As a manager, we always inquire about candidates’ education and experience. Without a question, both are equally vital, yet someone once told me: Hire a person with an Attitude. A person with a learning mindset is more likely to succeed than someone with unfavourable experiences. Future plans with the company Position Varnabas Museum Hotel as a luxury hotel for international and domestic segments. 3 Nepali startups you think deserve the spotlight Yatri Motorcycles inGrails (software development company) Sajilo (ride sharing app) READ ALSO:
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