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‘We should give preference to local businesses’

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It’s been over seven years since Newmew, a Nepali eyewear brand, was launched. Aimed to provide stylish, budget-friendly and reliable eyewear in the market, it has created a name for itself available online and through several branches across the country. Ashim Thapa, the CEO and co-founder of Newmew believes that proper vision and goals for his company were critical to its success. He says, “We started with only two people in the company with the ambition to grow to become the biggest eye-wear solution for all Nepalis. Our aim is to provide our customers with affordable solutions and to create employment in the country.” Besides work, Thapa enjoys travelling, running and reading books. In this issue of Business 360, he talks about his pick of favourite brands and what he has learnt from some of them.
Top 4 apps you use the most Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, YouTube
3 destinations within Nepal you would want to travel to Rara, Dolpa, EBC
Women run businesses you think deserve accolades Pinches Art Core run by Shreya Joshi deserves accolades. The way she does business, the way she appreciates and motivates her team members is something we all must do.
An entrepreneur who inspires you Being an entrepreneur, I look for inspiration from all sources and everyone I meet. No matter what their age is, whether young or old, those with the spirit to bring change for good inspire me. I have been a great fan of Karna Shakya, a well-known Nepali entrepreneur who is the innovative person behind turning different places of Kathmandu into popular tourist destinations. The love for his work inspires me to love my work too.
A startup business you think will ace later Gorkha Aesthetic is a startup which I think will ace in the coming days. I have been using their products and genuinely love the brand. So, if they keep working hard, I think the brand will definitely be successful in the days to come.
A non-profit business you would want to contribute to Being a nature lover, I would love to contribute towards nature and the environment. It can be for a plantation drive or waste management.
3 brands that you have learnt something from The first one would be Lenskart since we share similar business products and services. I’ve learnt about the different types of content that a brand needs to create rather than direct content. Supreme shows how the hype culture works, how having a limited supply can create and increase the demand and value of a product. The last one would be Coca-Cola, how beautifully all their campaigns connect with the audience.
The best work advice you have received One of the best advice I have received and the one that I have also been following is ‘To focus on the betterment of myself and my work rather than spending time on what others are doing’.
How do you think we can support local businesses? As Nepalis, we have the tendency to stereotype local businesses as inferior, but maybe we should give preference to local businesses. Also, genuine feedback on what’s good or what needs to be improved can become a good source of motivation for supporting local businesses.
Two Nepali companies whose PR are spot on Ts Armoire and Brocade Who among the Nepali influencers do you want to work with? The list is pretty long as I look forward to working with many influencers. The one name for now would be Muna Gauchan. Three things patrons can do to promote local business Give honest reviews Word-of-mouth reference to family and friends Create engagement or shout out on social media
Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs The advice would be not to give up when you fail. Restart when you fail. Another thing that works well is to develop the habit of reading good books and writing the goals you want to achieve in a specific period of time. It is also important to get good mentors to guide and save a few years in your entrepreneurial journey.
Startups are important for a country like Nepal because… Nepal needs a lot of improvement in its economic sector. Also, we need to bring changes in the existing and traditional market in order to cater to the changing demands of the people. Even the world has been tremendously changing in terms of technology and digitalisation, so startups are the only way through which we can help the country to grow in every way. READ ALSO:  
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