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‘Treat everyone the way you want to be treated’

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Pranisha Shrestha Head – Brand and Marketing, NMB Bank Pranisha Shrestha started her banking career in 2007 with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal. She then moved to NMB Bank as its first and only woman branch manager. In time, she was promoted to Head of SME Banking and Corporate Banking, and now is heading the Brand and Marketing Department of NMB Bank. Shrestha completed her Bachelor’s degree in Management from St Xavier’s College and her MBA from Kathmandu University School of Management. She shares that although education plays a significant role when applying for a job, what eventually matters most is your dedication to the job. “It is also all about perseverance because at times things may not go the way you want it to but it’s important that you do not forget your ultimate goal,” she says. Besides work, Shrestha loves spending time with her kids and travelling with her husband. In this issue of Business 360, she talks about her pick of favourite brands and what she has learnt from some of them. Top 4 apps that you use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn: for work; to keep posted with what marketers are doing eNMB: As we live in a digital world, can’t imagine doing financial transactions without this app Google Map: Has made travelling and reaching new places so much easier WhatsApp and Viber: To connect with co-workers, family and friends 3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to Annapurna Base Camp, Mustang and definitely, Rara Women-run businesses you think deserve accolades Laxmi Woodcraft Udhyog run by Laxmi Sharma. I believe she is an inspiration to women not only of her generation but to the latter ones too. A startup business you think will ace later UtkriStree that is run by two wonderful women, Uma Pradhan and Samira Shakya. An entrepreneur who inspires you Ramila Nemkul of KASA and Uma Nemkul of Kaavya A non-profit you want to contribute to SCGP- Self-help Group for Cerebral Palsy 3 brands/people/campaigns that you have learnt something from Ambica Shrestha, President of Dwarika’s Hotel & Resorts – Shrestha is all about the mindset and never giving up on one’s dreams. Bhawani Rana, Immediate Past President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry – She is the one who broke the ceiling that women can also lead organisations as big as FNCCI in a very effective manner. Also, for belonging to a non-business family and now recognised as one of the top business leaders and entrepreneurs of Nepal. Charu Chadha, Editor of Media9, for instilling belief in what one is doing. The best work advice you have received Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Avoid being paralysed by fear and lastly don’t let others manage your career or your life. How can local businesses be supported? We can support them by creating a platform to make the businesses visible and becoming a medium to connect them with people in our network. One example of such activity is NMB Bazaar, an initiative of NMB Bank which aims at promoting SMEs, MSMEs and agri-businesses of Nepal. 2 Nepali companies whose PR strategies are spot-on Dabur Nepal and Ncell If you could change ONE thing about the banking sector in Nepal, what would it be? I think that one change would be changing the dynamics of banking to sustainable banking, humanising the digital experience, international partnership, women empowerment, and corporate governance to ensure a prosperous Nepal. 3 things patrons can do to promote local businesses Recommend local businesses to friends and family Share your experiences Promote them through word of mouth Any advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs Big things have small beginnings. Keep your dream alive with continuous effort. Growth and success will eventually follow your path. Startups are important for a country like Nepal because… It will help to create a self-sustainable economy. READ ALSO:
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