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Niraj Rudra Karmacharya

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Niraj Rudra Karmacharya is the Founder & Managing Director of Jaguar Investments, an investment management company which aims to transform Nepal’s capital market. The company is primarily focused on the stock market, financial advisory, private equity, venture capital and real estate. Karmacharya’s work experience includes two years in the mortgage division at Wells Fargo Bank along with two and a half years managing portfolios at a merchant bank in Nepal. Currently, he is also the MD of Nepali Paisa (online financial media) and partner at Source Code (fintech). Here he shares his list of preferred brands with our readers.

Favourite shopping destination

I am generally not into shopping but when I have to, I prefer places that offer quality products.


I like driving my VW Polo. It’s perfect for city rides. Also, it offers less hassle when parking or on narrow roads. However, my dream vehicle is Jaguar E-Pace.


I enjoy my Fitbit. It has helped me become more active and health conscious.

Eating Out

My favourite restaurants at the moment are Pho 99 and Dan Ran. But if there’s ever a time I can’t decide, my default would be momos or jhol momos. You can never go wrong with momo.

The last book read

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

I walk on

I prefer Adidas as my running shoes and Red Wing for casuals.

On your wrist

Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic


I own a couple of Ray Bans. Unfortunately, I end up leaving them at home whenever I need them.

Travel Destination

It’s always nice to take a break from work and travel to places that are completely different from our own. I would love to do a Europe trip in the near future.

Song playlist

I enjoy listening to new Nepali songs on the radio. But I love going back to rock/classic rock of the 80’s and 90’s like AC/DC, Scorpions and Guns n Roses.

Could watch this movie time and again

I would say the first Avengers or Star Trek movie. To be honest, I could watch any recent Marvel or DC movies on repeat.


Old Durbar Black Chimney

Favourite app

For a stock market enthusiast like me, it’s usually Nepali Paisa app.

Most visited website

Definitely as I open it daily. Let’s just say, it’s my duty as a Managing Director.

Greatest indulgence

I find myself spending a lot of time analysing the stock market as well as learning about multinational companies. I also enjoy exploring new business ideas.

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