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‘A strong network can help you weather storms and overcome challenges'

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Prarthana Saakha

President, NYEF Kathmandu Chapter

Prarthana Saakha, Co-founder of BIC Technology of Tigg App and President of NYEF Kathmandu Chapter, started out as a student entrepreneur in 2016. She says her mission in life is to leave no one behind in the process of digitisation.

Saakha has won multiple awards in her short entrepreneurial journey. She has been felicitated with the EmpowHer 2017 Award and also the Women Leadership Award 2017. Meanwhile, Tigg too was awarded as the Best Startup at the CAN InfoTech 2021 and also received the ICT award in 2022. Her company has developed a cloud-based software for accounting and inventory management for SMEs in Nepal which is very easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. Saakha completed her Masters in Sociology in Gender Studies from Tribhuwan University.

In this edition of Business 360, she speaks about her pick of brands and some aspects of her entrepreneurial journey.

Top 4 apps that you use the most

Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Podcast and Netflix

3 Nepali startups you think deserve the spotlight

Veda, Aloi and Yatri

3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to

Shey Phoksundo, Bandipur and Jomsom

Women-run businesses you think deserve accolades

I think all women-led businesses deserve accolades, especially mompreneurs. It’s quite difficult running a business as a woman and managing household chores at the same time, which most Nepali women entrepreneurs are doing. Hats off to all of them.

An entrepreneur who inspires you

Everyone has a different story to share and is inspirational in many ways. If I had to pick one, I would pick Juna Mathema. Her unwavering commitment to empowering other women entrepreneurs has created a ripple effect, fostering a community within and beyond NYEF where women can thrive and succeed together.

A non-profit you want to contribute to

Hatti-Hatti. I really appreciate their commitment to empower women from the marginalised community by engaging them in manufacturing.

Three things it takes to manage a company

A capable leader with a clear vision and excellent communication and leadership abilities.

A team of motivated individuals who share and believe in the leader’s vision.

Sufficient financial and other resources to support the company’s growth and day-to-day operations.

Best work advice you have received

One of my mentors said this to me a long time back, ‘A strong network can help you weather storms and overcome challenges so invest in building and maintaining those valuable connections’. This insight resonates deeply with me and is precisely what I experience within NYEF. In this community, we mutually inspire, guide, and assist one another, standing by each other when support is needed.

Future plans with the company

Currently, Tigg has fundamental modules for accounting and inventory management. Our objective is to develop a comprehensive solution that addresses every facet of accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enabling them to leverage their own data for calculated decision-making. Our mission is to facilitate their business operations by digitising their processes and making them more seamless.  


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