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PM Dahal bats for 'paperless and faceless' system to enhance good governance

B360 March 3, 2024, 2:51 pm
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KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has stated that meaningful good governance can only be achieved by delivering services through a 'paperless and faceless' system in the future. 

While addressing a conference of scientists titled 'AI for a Prosperous Nepal, Employment for the Future', he emphasised the importance of prioritising technology for the provision of public services.

"The government will undertake the necessary initiatives required for the development of computer technology, robotic technology, data science, machine learning, the internet of things, and computational infrastructures," said the Prime Minister. He added that the government would proceed by coordinating AI policy with the National Science and Technology and Innovation Policy, 2076 BS, and the Digital Nepal Framework, 2019.

He mentioned that the government has undertaken various studies and research in the emerging technology sector and has allocated a budget for the establishment of the Science Technology Innovation Fund, highlighting the importance of the science and technology sector.

On the occasion, PM Dahal instructed the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) to create opportunities for self-reliance in the technology sector. According to Dahal, special emphasis will be placed on research and innovation in science and technology in the policies and programmes, and budget for the upcoming fiscal year. "This sector has also been given due importance in the proposed 16th Periodic Plan," he added.

The Prime Minister expressed his belief that government bodies will focus on developing projects that increase the role of AI from next year onwards to enhance innovation and productivity, according to the Prime Minister's Private Secretariat.

PM Dahal also clarified that 'ChatBot' services and projects related to metadata analysis based on AI will be implemented with priority for the dissemination of information about services provided by government agencies.

Prime Minister Dahal expressed confidence that the conference, themed 'AI for a Prosperous Nepal – Employment for the Future' and jointly organised by the MoEST and various stakeholders, will aid in realising the dream of building a prosperous Nepal.

He asserted that the use of AI is time-saving and extremely beneficial for innovation and productivity growth, while carrying out regular tasks performed by people, tasks that take a long time, and tasks that people cannot do.


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