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CIT board members, employees, their families to get discount at Chirayu hospital

B360 May 14, 2024, 1:17 pm
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KATHMANDU: An agreement has been reached between Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) and Chirayu National Hospital and Medical Institute to offer discounts on medical services.

The agreement was signed by Executive Director Shova Shrestha on behalf of CIT and Operation Director Chandeswora Nanda Raj Vaidya on behalf of the hospital.

With this agreement in place, Chirayu Hospital will offer discounts on medication to CIT participants, shareholders, employees, and their dependent families.

CIT board members, employees, and their dependent families will receive 10% discount on bed charges, 10% discount on diagnostics, 5% discount on pharmacy, and free ambulance service within Kathmandu Valley, as stated in the agreement.

The agreement also specifies that CIT participants and their families will also be given 10% discount on beds and diagnostics, 5% discount on the purchase of medicines, and 25% discount on ambulance services.

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