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YSF 2024: AIESEC empowers sustainable practices in fashion industry

B360 May 29, 2024, 1:40 pm
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KATHMANDU: The Youth Speak Forum (YSF) 2024, a flagship event facilitated by AIESEC, successfully convened young leaders and industry professionals to discuss sustainable practices in the fashion industry, aligning with SDGs 9 and 13.

Held at the Silver Oak Banquet & Events Centre on May 25, the event attracted a diverse audience, including students from over 40 academic institutions, all committed to driving change. Under the theme 'Threads of Change: Everyday Sustainability in Fashion', YSF 2024 served as a platform for stimulating discussions, thought-provoking debates, and motivational speeches.

The event kicked off with an Instagram Live session on May 22, featuring Orsola de Castro, a thought leader in sustainable fashion. She shared her journey, her views on the necessity for sustainable fashion practices and activism, and simple steps for re-evaluating fashion consumption habits. The main event on May 25 encompassed an engaging panel discussion centred on education and awareness among young adults, community and cultural shifts, engagement in challenges and solutions, and advocacy.

Distinguished panellists Parakram Rana, Dr Sareesha Shrestha, Haushala Gurung Thapa, Chitra Dahal, and Srichchha Pradhan offered valuable insights and perspectives on these crucial topics. Dr Ghana Shyam Gurung, Country Director of WWF Nepal, gave an enlightening keynote address, underscoring the urgent need for sustainable practices in the fashion industry and the role of young leaders in championing this cause.

"The Youth Speak Forum sparked substantial conversations among participants, instilling in me a strong sense of accomplishment in fulfilling the event's purpose. I am confident that YSF has not only inspired attendees to embrace sustainable practices in their daily lives but also empowered them to become advocates for change in their communities," stated Sonal Shrestha, Public Relations Head at AIESEC Nepal.

During the event, AIESEC Nepal announced the official commencement of its long-term partnership with Business 360, marking a significant stride towards advancing sustainable practices and impactful initiatives. The event organiser expressed gratitude to stakeholders Business 360, Silver Oak Banquets and Events, The Lunch Box, Kona Nepal, Readers Space Nepal, Baidya Paper Bags, and Mali Nepal, AIESEC Alumni, and the participants for their support in making this event a success.

Throughout the day, attendees participated in various interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Due to the forum's enduring influence on their perspective on fashion, every attendee was committed to incorporating sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives. AIESEC Nepal’s team provided a space where young people aged 18-30 years can log in to to explore more opportunities. With this, AIESEC Nepal anticipates creating and delivering diverse spaces and platforms where they can collaborate with various stakeholders for positive change and impact.


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