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Women are cautious about success

At the SAARC Women Leadership Summit in Colombo recently, I served on a panel talking about how media affects business and economy with a special focus on women entrepreneurship. While putting my t…



Major Departure in Power Sector Reform

Hydropower developers have something to cheer about as the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) – the country’s sole power off taker— has fixed the ta…



Auto Focus

PAJERO SPORT – Metal Meets Mettle

There are cars that are faster, there are cars with better looks, and there are a precious few which are most celebrated over time and can be legitimately dubbed ‘iconic‘. Mitsubishi Pajero is one …

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Narayana Murthy’s Gyan on a Platter

Most young managers seek to discover the mantra of success and shoot up the corporate ladder often faster than they deserve. Human desire and ambit…

Dr. Roshan Rathi

Dr. Roshan Rathi is the Founder Director of LCCI Global Qualifications. He is also associated with various business schools as management faculty. He holds a PhD in Strategy and Innovation with hon…

Smart Cities and Nepal

The term ‘smart city’ is not a new concept for Nepalis who live in the country’s urban areas. Most commonly, it has long been used by urban planners while planning solutions for cities’ multiple pr…

Oppo F3: Good Selfies, Better Wefies

Oppo, one of the leading global mobile brands, set foot in Nepali market no more than a year ago. Yet it has become a popular name among smartphone enthusiasts, and especially selfie lovers owing t…

Reconnecting South and South East Asia

I recall the days of yore when my father recounted the story of how some of the people in our village migrated to Assam, India and then to Burma for better economic opportunities, life and living. …

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