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What’s the FUZZ?

By Ankita Jain Originating from a bedroom studio and an inexpensive DSLR camera, Fuzz Factory Productions has grown into a sizeable video productio…



By Nikhil Thakuri Exploring Nepal riding a motorcycle is a big challenge especially when you are on the single, hidden trails in search of the unex…

Tata Tigor 2018

Sipradi Trading, the sole distributors of Tata Motors, recently launched the new premium compact sedan, 2018 Tigor, at a starting price of Rs.27.55 lakhs for the petrol variant. The new Tigor is av…



The 2018 edition of the NADA Auto Show in Kathmandu is gearing up to be the showdown between the top automotive companies in the country. It’s plan…


Wings & Wheels

There’s a car for almost every stage of life. From your family car to buying you own and the progression as you upgrade in your career and interest…

Business Sutra

No One Should Be Labelled As Disabled

Q: I am born with a rare genetic disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bone disease, which means my bones are extremely fragile, just like a glass. I have faced more fra…

Aayusha Karki

Aayusha Karki is the owner of Meraki Nepal, a contemporary jewellery brand. Launched three years back, a brand that focuses on traditional designs with contemporary alterations. Keeping her product…

Why is it important to have a goal?

It’s hard to believe but less than 2-3% of people actually have a written goal that they commit to. And fewer than a percent actually revisit their goal on a daily basis. Why have a goal, you may q…

Bhuwan Phaiju

Bhuwan Phaiju is the CEO of Tranquility Spa, the largest network of spas in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2008, Tranquility Spa has expanded rapidly to 15 outlets in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan…

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