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Wai Wai launches cricket special edition packet to celebrate Nepal's participation in ICC T20 WC

B360 June 10, 2024, 5:55 pm
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KATHMANDU: Wai Wai, the most popular instant noodle brand in Nepal and a long-time supporter of Nepal's cricket, has launched 'Wai Wai Cricket Special Edition Packet'. This initiative is designed to celebrate the historic achievement of Nepal's second participation in the ICC Men's T-20 World Cup and to provide encouragement and support to the Nepali cricket team.

In partnership with Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), CG Foods Nepal has introduced the Cricket Special Edition concept. The company believes that this special edition of Wai Wai will be a unique experience for Nepali viewers who are cheering on their national team in the T-20 World Cup. It is also expected that this special package will provide additional motivation to the Nepali cricket team and heighten the excitement of all Nepali cricket fans.



On this occasion, Wai Wai, which has been sponsoring the Men’s U19 national team for a long time, will support the Women’s U19 National Cricket Team with a sponsorship of Rs 3 million and an additional Rs 3 million for other cricket activities, making a total contribution of Rs 6 million to CAN.

During a press conference, CAN Secretary Paras Khadka and CG Foods CEO Pradip Pudasaini signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the presence of Chaudhary Group Managing Director Nirvana Chaudhary.

CG Foods Nepal has extended its congratulations to the Nepali national team for their successful participation in the ICC T-20 World Cup for the second time. Wai Wai, a companion of Nepali cricket for the past two decades, remains committed to the future development of Nepal's cricket.

Chaudhary stressed that the growth of Wai Wai and cricket in Nepal have evolved hand in hand, and affirmed that Wai Wai will always be dedicated to the development of cricket. He recalled that 20 years ago, they invested in the Men's U19 national team, which has now resulted in the national team playing in the T-20 World Cup. He also highlighted that it is now time to invest in the Nepal Women's U19 National Cricket Team, and expressed confidence that the country will soon reap the benefits of this investment.

Chaudhary also shared that Wai Wai, produced in Nepal, is available in 40 countries including Japan, Australia, and in America and Europe. He stated that Wai Wai's success in becoming a global brand, meeting the quality standards of all these countries, is self-evident.

CAN Secretary and former national team captain Khadka, who played in the U19 World Cup wearing Wai Wai's jersey, acknowledged that Wai Wai's contribution to the development of cricket in Nepal is unparalleled. He expressed his gratitude to the Chaudhary Group for Wai Wai's support for the national team in the T-20 World Cup, the investment in the Women's U19 national cricket team, and for their overall contribution to the development of cricket in Nepal.

Earlier, Wai Wai announced a series of incentives for the national team participating in the World Cup: Rs 3 million if they reach the super eight, Rs 1,000 for each run scored, Rs 8,000 for each four, Rs 12,000 for each sixer, Rs 15,000 for each wicket, Rs 50,000 for each half-century, Rs 100,000 for each century, and Rs 150,000 cash for each match won by the Nepali team. These incentives aim to boost the morale of the entire Nepali team.

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